Dream Life Boutique

Henderson, NV

All About Dream Life Boutique:

Back in 2014 as a stay-home-mom with 3 kids who always wanted to have my own business without sacrificing the time with my kids and with the support of my husband I started selling on Jane.com. I purchased the items, I took the pictures, I fulfilled and shipped the orders, answered the customers emails and I did everything from home! And still I could be there for my kids. The business grew and I was able to hire some help until last Nov 17 selling on Jane for almost 10 years. I never had the time for a website or sell in another platform. After Jane shut down, I decided to see the good out of this, so I started my own website and worked hard to start again and still having the time for my family. In addition, one of the most important purposes of this boutique is to "give back". We truly believe that we are "Blessed to bless others". We have been able to make a difference in other lives thanks to our boutique and see some dreams come true. ;)