About 6 Jays

Shop 'Til You Drop. What kind of shopper or seller are you? 6 Jays is the best experience for both.

We are entrepreneurs with an eye for style and a love for good deals. We created 6 Jays to give vendors an innovative way to share and sell the products they love. We can't wait to get to know you, so here's a little bit about our platform.

As moms ourselves, we named the company in honor of our 6 little Jays (well, maybe not so little anymore). We each have 3 kids as represented by the Jays above our logo. Ask us about our kids. We could brag on them all day, while shopping of course. Life is busy; sell and shop the way you want.

Birds of a feather band together!

One of a Kind Deals
One of a Kind Deals

The platform for curated, one-of-a-kind deals.

6 Jays is specifically built by vendors for vendors. We heard over and over that vendors become a number on other platforms. Have you felt seller fees keep creeping up or you are boxed in by restrictive guidelines? If so, 6 Jays was created for you. We solve all those problems.

Our platform combines Online Retail Stores, Daily Deals, and Individual listings. We wanted a platform where vendors can connect with customers to help customers find the best, curated products out there.

One of a Kind Deals
Clothes as Unique as You Are.

Clothes as unique as you are.

The 6 Jays platform is curated to bring a variety of quality necessities to its customer base at affordable prices.

You will easily find unique looks you can’t find anywhere else. We know you want to stand out and have clothes as unique as you are. No one wears your style like you!

We want our customers to find great items at great prices that give them confidence and help them feel their best.

A better marketplace for vendors.

6 Jays is an easy and comprehensive way to successfully sell products online. Start your business with friends, not faceless corporate teams. We are in this together.

Our mission is to improve the marketplace world and offer boutique vendors a better income, second income, or a more fulfilling career path.

If you’ve ever sold on a marketplace website before, you probably know that it’s not always simple. It can be hard to understand how to sell, and if you have any questions, it can also be difficult to find any help or support. Reach out to us for tips on how to make your storefront pop!

Here at 6 Jays we pride ourselves on our unique vendor offering of providing an easy, affordable and no-headache way to sell products, and a HUGE variety. Vendors get the support, resources, and incentives needed to successfully sell their favorite products, grow their business—and enhance their life!

A Better Place For Vendors
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