2021 has been a year for the books. While we continued to navigate life during a pandemic, we were able to take steps forward into forming our new normal and having fun with it! Regardless of what goes on in the world, nothing stops true fashionistas from showing off their favorite clothes and trends. We are looking at some of the most coveted fashion trends of 2021 and doing a fashion year in review! Here are 6 Jays’ ratings for some of your favorite looks this past year:

Clashing Saturated Hues

Clashing colors and bright hues seemed to be a hot commodity this year! Instead of repeating “black and brown make a frown” in our heads before choosing what to wear for the day, it seems we are throwing all color pairs out the window. Give us an orange top and a purple cardigan and might as well add some patterned pants…today we are embracing the entire rainbow! Colors have always been a great way to express emotion and creativity and for that, we are completely on board with this trend! Gone are the days where we need an occasion to pull out our fun and vibrant looks, clashing colors and saturated hues are being found in our everyday wardrobe and we are happier for it. Black will always be a classic and pops of color will never go out of style, but give yourself the opportunity to shine bright in your yellow pants and multi-colored cardigan, you won’t regret it. 

Sweater Vests

Knit sweaters continue to be a fashion staple in the colder months of the year. If your closet isn’t completely overrun by them, then what are you doing? And now… sweater vests and sweater vest dresses are making a huge impact in everyday looks. One of our favorite things about the sweater vest trend is that it knows no seasonal boundaries. A knit sweater vest doesn’t have to be worn over a button up, or plain colored tee underneath. For a fun summer and spring look, you can try wearing a sweater vest with nothing but a bra underneath. Paired with skinny or loose fit jeans, your favorite sleek joggers, or some slacks…this fashion trend is a great pairing for any bottom! 

Platforms Boots

Skinny heels and stilettos who? Don’t know her…platform boots and shoes are what we have known all of 2021. Now, don’t worry, a black pointed stiletto heel is something that will never be missing from our closet, but we have introduced it to a new thick platform friend and they get along perfectly! We thank our good friend Dr. Marten for keeping this style around and in the radar for several years and are excited that platform boots and shoes have made their way back into our lives. No longer are these classic shoe styles associated with edgy fashion looks, but they have flourished into a shoe style that anyone with any look can wear. Pair a boot or sneaker with a maxi dress/skirt or mini skirt and make a chunky statement as you go about your day. STEP out of your comfort zone with these fun and fat shoes, you’ll be surprised how fun it can be to get a little wild. 

Loose Fit Denim

Skinny Jeans have done us wonders over the better part of a decade now and they’re still going strong. Having skinny jeans is something that we are stuck with for the rest of our lives now, but we’re giving them a little bit of a rest. Loose fit denim is here. It’s here and now it can’t be stopped. Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans were pieces that would make appearances in our looks every once in a while, and now it seems we can’t get away from them! And remember our good friend, the flared bootcut? Oh yeah, she’s back, baby. We tend to think that looser clothes instantly mean a more casual and laid back look, but who said that’s the rule? A great way to balance a loose fit jean is to wear a tighter fit top or sweater. Looser fitting denim creates a higher comfort style and is the reason we approve this trend entirely! 

Hoodies Under Blazers

The mere idea that there are fashion stereotypes is wild. Fashion is expressive. Fashion is unique. Fashion is daring! There are no rules and that is what is so captivating about loving clothes. No one can really tell you that something doesn’t go. However, while we know that certain clothes are designed to do certain things, it doesn’t mean it can’t come with us everywhere! Hoodies are no longer something we steal from our boyfriends to sleep in, or tops we wear during colder months to work out in. Hoodies are meant to do one thing…keep us warm! And who said we can’t layer them with our favorite work or going out looks? Hoodies under blazers have stolen our hearts this past year and we are obsessed with having more reasons to wear these soft and cozy sweaters we love so much. If not a blazer, then try under your favorite denim jacket or plaid shacket. Stay cozy and have some fun with it!

Cropped Cardigans

If you can remember a time where full length shirts were a thing, then good for you. As for us? It’s a cropped top world out there and we’re just living in it. It seems as soon as high rise jeans became the norm, crop tops and cardigans became a second nature pick and we’re not mad. Cropped cardigans have been a fun trend this year. Dainty cardis and sweaters make us feel cute and cozy and like a little girl wearing her favorite flower cardigan again. The cropped cardigan look gives us just another great top option to pair with our favorite loose denim jeans. If you’re looking for a cute and quick outfit, this has been a favorite go to this year. 

Puff Sleeves

Give us all of the puff sleeves. We need them! In life, it's the little things that count and in fashion…it’s big and fluffy puff sleeves that have brought a smile to our face and a pop to our wardrobe in 2021. It’s no lie that puff sleeves are sometimes either the bad taste of a horrible dress we were forced to wear as little girls, or a flashback into 80’s prom and work looks. But in 2021, puff sleeves made their way into our favorite outfits all year round! It seems a rejuvenation of the long coveted look (whether the experience was good or bad) has done fashionistas really well this season. Puff sleeves on sweaters, puff sleeves on bodysuits, puff sleeves on button ups, and puff sleeves on dresses! The big and loud poofs on your shoulders add such a fun dynamic to any look you choose. One of our favorite styles include a plain colored puffy sleeve shirt, distressed boot cut jeans, and a pointed bootie. Whatever your vision for the puffy sleeve, make it your own! It will agree with you, we promise.

White Knee High Boots

Remember go go girls? We do! And most importantly we remember their boots! Those knee high leather like boots that were most commonly white were the type of shoe that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on as we grew up. White knee high boots are perfect because of their versatility. Contrary to popular belief, a knee high boot doesn’t have to be pulled out for a night out at the club. This great shoe can be paired with the most casual of styles! Try an oversized t-shirt, tuck it into your favorite jeans shorts, throw on a jacket or blazer and your knee high white boots and you’ve got yourself a look! Pair them with a long sleeve button up and a sweater vest dress for a comfy chic work look. Whatever the look, we are completely on board with the return of these gogo style shoes. 


If you think pastels are strictly a spring/easter thing, think again! Pastels are year round now, baby and we are loving it. Pastels are a soft, more delicate shade of our favorite colors. They are usually a light transition out of the hard colors of fall and winter into the bright and breezy months of spring. However, this year, we just couldn’t contain these beautiful shades to a season! From pleated pants and skirts, to oversized sweaters and dainty cardigans, pastels have formed a large part of our wardrobe in 2021. Not only as single pieces, but as entire looks! Just as we took clashing saturated hues out to play, we matched our favorite pastels colors together. A beautiful lavender cardigan with a soft and straight legged pastel yellow pant and some sneaks may have given us hints of spring and easter time, but colors are too fun to contain to a single time of year. We wanted the warmth and light color palette all year round and we are happy that the rest of the fashion world was on the same page. 


Don’t worry, when we first heard “shacket” we were confused too. And asking someone to repeat it just seemed to confuse us even more. No, it’s not an accent thing. Shackets are what we call a crossover between a shirt and, you guessed it, a jacket. And they have been all the rave this 2021 fall. Shackets give us the look of a shirt, with the feel of a light jacket. We love them because we can layer and layer and layer! A long sleeve shirt can sometimes not be enough for a chilly day, but adding a jacket can occasionally give you that stuffy early afternoon feel when the sun is a little too bright and the layer is a little too thick. Our favorite types of shackets this year have been plaid and flannel print! Too often, a flannel is in our vision for our OOTD but we have to coordinate with the weather and make sure that the longtime favorite flannel style won’t be too much for the day. We have lined our closet with shackets this year, and we are sure that they will make an appearance in 2022. 

In conclusion…

Some fashion trends make debuts and other fashion trends come out of dusty trunks from times past for fun revivals. Either way they come, we always give them a chance! 2021 was a year of fashion chances. As we continue to make our way into a new decade, we are excited to see how the fashion world puts us on the edge of our seats. And as always, we will do everything we can to make sure that 6 Jays continues to be your one-stop-shop for your favorite fashion trends and classic looks. Happy New Year!