It seems nowadays that low-rise jeans are a thing of the past and high-waisted jeans have officially taken over the fashion world. What started as a jean for working women to wear in the 1940s, has become a fashion staple that we think will be around for a very long time. As versatile as high-rise jeans are, we wanted to share our favorite, low-effort ways to style them. These five options tucked in top options found on 6 Jays will have you strutting your favorite styles and turning heads wherever you go!


The possibilities are truly endless with this option! We know that a gal who likes to be comfortable probably has one or two comfy tees that they love to wear around the house. Now we can let those simple tees be a part of one of your favorite looks! The greatest thing about this style option is that it can be dressed up or down. Add a cute denim or leather jacket with some strappy heels or fall booties and you’ve got yourself a look to go out on the town! Having a more casual, errand filled day? Throw on your favorite sneaks or sandals for maximum comfort and casual fashion. 


Our love of tanks is infinite. They’re dainty and cute and we don’t feel constrained! You have flowy chiffon tanks, lace detail tanks, or even just plain everyday cotton tanks. Any of these will pair up perfectly with your high-rise jeans. Simply tuck in the flowy tank (not needed for crops) and add a strappy heel or sandal! Tanks are also fantastic for light layering on an early fall afternoon! To dress up, throw on a blazer and a layered necklace. To dress down, a jean or corduroy jacket is a great option.


As we dive deeper into sweater weather, we want to make sure that all of our warm pieces get enough love! Oversized sweaters are fashionable, comfortable, and warm and tucking them into our favorite high-rise jeans gives us comfort without feeling swallowed by them! High-rise jeans are a great form fitting and casual piece to show off our waist, which is what makes high-rise jeans so fun. The detail in the knit sweaters is what makes this option so effortless! Throw on your favorite sweater, high-rise bottoms, and some booties or sneaks for an active day and you are done.


Remember when bodysuits were pretty much only swimsuits and leotards? They weren’t the versatile fashion piece they are now and boy aren’t we glad that a leotard became socially acceptable to wear in public! Bodysuits are a great pairing for high-rise bottoms! They give you the flawless tucked in look without the unwanted bulges. The best part is that there are so many options to choose from. You have your dressy bodysuits for your work day, or simple single-colored suits for a more laid back look, and perfect for layering! You simply can’t miss with this option. 

As you can already see, high-rise jeans are a must-have in every wardrobe. The comfort and versatility of high-rise pants is unmatched! We get excited just thinking of the fashion possibilities we can make with this all-time favorite bottom. We hope this guide has helped open new fashion horizons for you! Need some extra help to pick the right outfit for you? Browse the style options we outlined above on our website. Find the recommended pieces and so much more. Happy shopping, babes. We’ll see ya next time!